PRAY: Nepal Plane Crash Kills Atleast 69, Three Passengers Came From A Missionary’s Funeral

A recent plane crash in Nepal on Sunday is the deadliest aviation accident in 30 years in the Himalayan nation’s history. At least 69 were killed, including three passengers who came from a missionary’s funeral.

Nepal Airlines Deadly Crash

The saddening news of a Nepal Aircraft crash containing 72 passengers on Sunday broke out. According to CNN’s report gathered from Nepal’s civil aviation authority, there were 37 men, 25 women, three children, and three infants. The rest of the four were crew members of Yeti Airlines.

Photo Courtesy | Metro – EPA

A recorded video of the plane before it crashed showed the aircraft “rolling sharply as it approached the runway.” Soon after, a loud explosion could be heard. Authorities didn’t expect anyone would survive the crash. And after initial investigations, at least 69 have been reported dead.

Three Passengers Came From Christian Missionary’s Funeral

One of the passengers who passed away in the incident were Raju, Robin, and Anil. According to NDTV, the three came from the Evangelical Christian missionary’s funeral, Matthew Philip. He came to Nepal and did a mission in the country for 45 years. Unbeknownst to the three, they would soon go home to be with the Lord.

Matthew’s brother shared in an interview with PTI, “The funeral was on January 13,” he said. “Their flight was from Kochi to Mumbai and from there to Kathmandu. Deepak and Saran, could not board the ill-fated flight from Kathmandu but the other three took the flight. The news was a shock to us.”

Black Box Recovered

Currently, there is still no clear explanation for what caused the accident. But the plane’s black box has already been recovered and will be reviewed by police authorities.

Also, the Prime Minister of Nepal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, expressed his grief about what happened.

As many families are grieving the loss of their loved ones, let’s remember and keep them in our prayers. May the God who brings peace and comfort embrace them right now in Jesus’ Name.

Photo Courtesy | Metro – AP

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